ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kevin de Las Casas

I've been a musician and songwriter since a long time and I use that in my writing. I try and get every word in the right place.

I like stories with imagery and imagination. Some things are best expressed in a rich way, poetic even, where logic would only choke it. These books, 'the White Stone' and 'the Great Prayer' are close to my heart. I used to visit my Uncle in the Outer Hebrides when I was young. I was always amazed by the space and wild beauty. More recently I was taken by the small and perfect white quartz stones that get washed up on the storm torn beaches. These were the inspiration for my first book which relates the path of meditation with Jesus Name, but from a Buddhist point of inspiration. I've done a lot of Buddhist retreats, mainly the interesting stuff, the more radical end. The Great Prayer is a second book which brings meditation into relationship with Prayer.

I am married, I have children, I'm getting on in age and I feel I've got a bit of wisdom to share. I'm still alive in all senses.

I like to write at the edge of my understanding too. Put things down as they arise and are in the process of being discovered.